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Welcome to the Sheffield Photography group!

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Welcome to everyone with an interest on photography! The aim of this group is to provide a resource for members of Sheffield Forum to get together and discuss all aspects of photography. The Group Leaders are (in no other order than alphabetical!) Grissom and DaFoot, so please PM one of us with any questions, comments or suggestions.


You're likely to find all sorts of posts ranging from buying advice, "how-to" questions, techniques (from all levels) to just "have a look at my photos". As time goes on, we're hoping to have a lot of common questions answered in a sticky FAQ post, so please check there before asking.


There are likely to be meetings, shoots, exhibitions etc organised from time to time. If anyone has any good ideas, please act on them! The role of the Group Leaders is primarily to look after this forum rather than to get involved in the real world, although hopefully you'll see us there too!


Please don't feel you have to be a professional photographer to post on here, and please don't be too hostile to any photo newcomers, keep that criticism constructive :)

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You can also posts photographs in this section. See the info from Ash below:

With the new site update, we can all now post pictures directly into posts, so it now won't be necessary to put a 'link' to your photos from outside photo sites. :)


To post pictures directly into a post, you need to upload your pictures onto an online photo site such as Photobucket or flickr which are free to join. Upload your pictures as normal in there.


Then from the photo site, you should copy and paste the link to your photo, making sure that it is a .jpg file.*


If you copy and paste a file that starts and ends with and, then it will work without any typing adjustments...


for example... on photobucket you should copy and paste this link which I have circled (badly:hihi:)..




Any files that are labeled http:// ,you have to manually type before the http, and after .jpg, at the end, with no spaces, and case sensitive (it seems).


You can currently post 8 images. NOTE though, a 'smiley' is classed as 1 image. :)


Please use this thread to practice! It resizes your picture automatically


If you post a link and it doesn't work then one of the GL's will edit it to show where you are going wrong. So just quote your own post, and you will see the change/correction. :)






*so far, I believe this only accepts jpegs, will change as necessary

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