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Photography Group Shortcuts

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I felt it was time to update the shortcuts sticky! (old thread)


Using the group

Posting photos in your posts

Test posting a photo


Selling Camera and photo Acc on Sheffield forum

Please don't sell in the group- use this classified section

Selling on Sheffield Forum


New to Photography?


Learning & Resources


Second Hand Sites


Sites - ffordes

Sites - mxv

Sites - mpbphotographic


JPEG files and quality of them..


Click this!


Software Suggestions


Free software

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium

Jasc / Corel Paint Shop Pro (V5 is generally recognised as being the best)

Serif Photoplus (F) - V8 and above have one of the best image resizing tools around for the price

Irfanview (F)

Gimpshop (F)

Picasa (F)

Photomatrix Pro - HDR Utility

Noise Ninja - Picture Noise Reduction software




Feel free to suggest more additions to this section by sending a private message to Grissom or dafoot :)

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