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Want an Allotment / just got an Allotment ?

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Allotment sites:


Darnall - Infield Lane, S9 is a private allotment site, with around 210 plots.

If you are interested in a plot at Infield Lane, please contact:

Paul Cambell: Tel: (0114) 265 6900 or Chris Holley: Tel: (0114) 244 5051



There are over 3,000 allotments run by the City Council in Sheffield with over 70 sites to choose from:

S2 – Heeley Common*, Manor*, Park Rifles, Corker Bottoms

S4 – Grimesthorpe, Hinde House Lane, Roe Wood

S5 – Brushes, High Wincobank*, Norwood, Shirecliffe*, Stubbin

S6 – Harris Road, Morley Street, Morley Street Gas, Rivelin Valley, Rodney Hill

S7 – Archer Lane, Edgefield Road

S8 – Meersbrook, Norton Lees, Norton St Pauls, Woodseats, Warminster Road

S9 – Bowstead, Ouse Road

S10 – Bolehill Quarry, Crookes Quarry, Hagg House, Hagg Lane, Crookes Marsh Lane

S11 – Ecclesall, Hangingwater, Highcliffe Road, Rustlings Road

S12 – Birley Moor Way, Hollinsend*, Hollinsend Rec, Sharrard Road

S13 – Finchwell Road, Lambcroft, Mauncer Drive*, Richmond*, Soaphouse House Lane*, Victoria Allotments*

S20 – Ferncroft, Moor Crescent, Moss Way, Plumbley Lane, Reignhead Farm, Sothall Green

S35 – Burncross Road

S36 – Old Haywood, Oxley Park, Stanley Road, Wortley Road

*Sites marked with an asterisk are designated for pigeon keeping.


There are plots designed for disabled people (wheelchair and non wheelchair users) available at some sites.


map of Sheffield Allotment sites


How much does it cost?


It all depends on the size of the plot and whether the allotment site is provided with a water supply or not. As a general guide sites without water are around £20 and sites with water around £40. The allotment office will be able to confirm the price for your chosen site. (If you are in receipt of a state pension, unemployed, registered disabled, a person on low income or a student on a grant you may qualify for a 50% discount)


How do you apply for a Council Allotment Plot?


Most of the Sheffield sites currently have waiting lists - contact the allotment office (details below) to check availability / add your name to a waiting list.


Telephone: 0114 273 4528

E-mail: pwc.allotments@sheffield.gov.uk

by Post: The Allotments Officer, Parks & Countryside Service, Brook Road, Sheffield S8 9FL


Just got an allotment ?

If you have managed to get a new allotment- congratulations ! You may find these links helpful:


Allotments - Your Guide to Good Allotment Use is a booklet which the Council have produced to provide you with further helpful information. You can download it from the council website It covers:

* Getting Started

* Allowable Uses

* Plot Preparation

* Environmentally friendly practices


National Society of Allotment & Leisure Gardeners check out the links in this page, some really useful stuff

Choose Organic

Fruit Forum

Herb Expert

Allotments 4 all



Local sites:

Meersbrook & Heeley wiki

Hagg House


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