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Woodbourn House, Woodbourn Road

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I'm trying to find some information on the above mentioned House. I have found from census returns that my ancestors, Jonas Cotton & family, lived here from 1901,1911 & then listed as his address at time of death in 1919. On the 1891 census he's a assistant pork butcher. living at Nunnery Farm.

But in 1901 he is living at Woodbourn House listed as a Stone Quarry Garter (Employer). strangly on 1911 census he's just a colliery labourer, his son listed as a colliery deputy. I guess they would have been working at the Nunnery Colliery?

Not sure how much longer after Jonas' death the family remained at the house but would love to know any information about the house, where abouts on woodbourn road it would have stood, as I doubt very much it still stands given the redevelopment of the area.

Kind regards


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Some time since you wrote this thread so I don't know if you are still active. My ancestor is also Jonas Cotton and I did some research some years back. Get in touch and we can swap information.

You can see what I think is the remaining wall of Woodbourn House on google street view.



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