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Waiting for a council property

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She should have been on the pill (or similar).


There is no excuse. If you can not house more children dont have them. You have a duty of care to look after your children. Having them and then thinking of the consequences is breaching that duty.


Normally I wouldn't respond to comments such as these made on this thread. However on this occaision I have to say how rude and assuming you are over my personal circumstances.


When I got pregnant 8 months ago which was by the way planned after trying for 2 years we were over the moon. I currently live in a beautiful 4 bedroom home and have plenty of room for my family. However circumstances in the last month have changed and we may have to leave our home in january. While at this time I am not putting myself forward as a priority we did decide to give council housiing a go as we have 10 years waiting time.


I was only commenting on the bidding process and criteria and am pleased to say despite the councils advice after just two weeks we have been offered a 3 bed house of which we will be paying full rent and council tax.


Both myself and partner work extremly hard and have had jobs since we were 16 I don't claim benefits maybe u should consider that not everyone is out for a free ride some people just genuinely need help.

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Well said bec265silver. Reading the comments made by phylis, I have been reminded why I stopped coming onto sheffield forum - there's always someone ready to jump in passing comments/and generally being rude and an arse and telling people what they should be doing - phylis obviously had no idea of your personal circumstances and dived in there offering contraception advice for god sake. Not everyone thinks the world owes them a living as bec265silver pointed out above, some people unfortunately need help when things in life dont always go to plan. I'm pleased to hear you've been offered a house bec265silver and many congrats on your forthcoming arrival! Hope it all works out ok for you and your family.

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