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Satanic ESA Team (Disability Public Service outfit)

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Has anyone had the worst treatment from these people? They lost my doctors note and claimed i didnt send it in (4months later btw) and so have denied me 3 months money. Furthermore the doctor they sent to examine me asked me lots of questions about my private life. Innocently i spoke the truth (i was raised this way unlike some of them) and he physically looked at me for 2 or 3 minutes.


They then cut and denied me my benefit. I appealed, they said sorry i will get it, then they said NO. I said i want a 2nd opinion then they just sent me a long letter saying its going to appeal and i cant say/do a thing.


I have an army of doctors saying i am ill but the SATANIC ESA DOCTOR just wanted to catch me out. For example he said "do you goto supermarket" so i said yes (wife carries the heavy stuff). Apparently then this lost me points. What on earth does having a bit of social activity to mentally help me prove that im not ill? I walked away thinking i have spoken the truth but in reality they used everything i said against me.


To hammer the nail in the coffin they LOST my doctors note but claimed i didnt send it in. I send it recorded delivery but its only to a PO BOX (jokers dont give real names so they can hide behind their mistakes) and as i said stopped this earlier money.


The reality of it all is i lose the £250 a month i used to use for alternative treatments and private treatments which is v expensive BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN WORKING ALL MY LIFE FOR SIXTEEN YEARS PAYING TAXES AND I DONT WANT TO BE ON BENEFIT. BY CUTTING MY MONEY YOU ACTUALLT DELAY MY RETURN TO WORK.


Is their anyone on her who works in that satans cave who can help me? Espisodes like this make me have a life changing view on paying my taxes to banks but not getting them back to recover from serous illness.


In truth,


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