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If the Conservatives win the election how high will unemployment rise?

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Would that not prove that previous administrations have used both benefits to hide the true unemployed figures from the population?
yea your probably right but we are talking about right now not in the past :hihi:

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They will bring us massive cuts in public spending, tax breaks for the rich...top rate of tax, inheritance tax, corporation tax ......a fiscal policy that will make the pips squeak for the poor.


Unemployment already rising will get higher but the chances of claiming benefit will of course be curtailed. At the same time, they will personally blame you for being unemployed and up that stigma level to the max


They will cut back at all times social benefits and make it harder to claim disability. You nasty wheelchair people etc will just have to try harder and suffer more


They will cut back on the civil service but create more private quangos with no local or national accountability.


They will accelerate privatisation of health care and tell us we cannot keep throwing money at the problem. Parts of the service, free of charge will go and be replaced by insurance schemes or bled dry of funds that will force people to go private. They will give big tax breaks to people who take up private insurance.


I predict a free fall economy within a year of them taking office...but we will be told it is harsh but necessary medicine


If you have a mortgage...better protect now, if you have the chance of getting a fixed rate mortgage:hihi:. Interest rates will double within a year and with the credit crunch, repossessions will hit an all time high. They will of course blame you for living beyond your means, although they were the party that originally promoted house ownership in the eighties.


They will be vague on Europe...booing and hissing on the sidelines...signing up to economic packages and backsliding on the social contract side. We will stagnate in relation to Europe ...they still cannot get their heads round Europe. We will not join the Euro under a Tory Govt. Save the pound anyone?


They will of course, like Labour follow the Americans blindly in Afghanistan, where of course we will continue to get our arses kicked.


They will give more economic freedom to individual schools in order to discriminate and create further social barriers in education. They will periodically bash teachers and blame them for all societies ills. They will of course change massive amounts of the curriculum unecessarily and chicken out from changing A levels. They will starve higher ed of funds and there will be massive rises in student fees.


Periodically, they will target minority groups and doubt their loyalty to the country. They will attack single parents and teenage mothers and of course blame them for all socities ills. They will persists with the idea that society began to disintegrate due to the 1960-s. They will detain more asylum seekers but pursue the same previous policy because they realise that a non unionised and cheap workforce is good for their economy.


They will increase the pay of the police and pay nurses, teachers and the fireservice less. Funny...the Tories hate the fireservice. They will give more draconian powers to the police as have labour and there will be riots but it will be the fault of the -enemy within-


..but inflation will fall


I wish Labour had a different policy but alas no


Well...I was wrong about inflation:roll:

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Well...I was wrong about inflation:roll:


Without inflation the system will collapse.


People are doubting the currency.


They cannot afford to allow deflation, the Americans are now having to direct QE to benefits, as it is the only thing which can produce economic growth, they reduced the economic value of labour to such a degree that people stopped working.


Money fast becomes irrelevant when it measures, labour and trade, and it goes on to deny both labour and trade.


Working an hour or two for an apple pie and a beer, when the old lady down the road will sort you out an apple pie and a beer for tidying her garden. (Homemade beer and apple pie)


They seek to tax any work. They will price you out of helping your neighbours!


They will deny you the ability to work for a living, and force you into a form of corvee, serfdom or debt bondage. a.k.a. slavery.

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