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Help needed please

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This one has beaten me.


Last month I updated my 8400GS graphics card to a GTS250 512mb bought from Ebuyer.


I have upgraded graphics before so knew to uninstall all old drivers and install new from scratch. Did all that plus the bundled ASUS software one of which was a driver but as it was older than the nvidia website driver i didnt install that.


Game performance was fantastic, however the system would randomly freeze or lock up on desktop applications, especially firefox.


Spoke to Ebuyer they suggested it was the card and to return it. ( interestingly the card is no longer listed for sale on their site now).


But have now put the 8400 back in and am still getting the odd random freeze and system hanging for 10 mins.


Rest of Specs: athlon64 4800 x2, 2GB Ram, Windows Vista 32 bit.


Any thoughts, would be appreciated thanks

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Maybe you knocked something else when swapping the cards?


Check all your other connections - it could just be that something isn't sat right?

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sorted thanks


tad embarassing to be honest didnt realise on the gts 250 it needed 2 molex supplies, also didnt clean out all the old drivers before updating


search driver sweeper if you are having problems its great and free (need to run in safe mode though)

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