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Growing pumpkins..

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I have some pumpkins growing in the garden. One has grown about 2 foot long and has now flowered.

I have no idea what i'm doing to be honest! Do I need to take the flowers off?


Any tips on pumpkin growing?


Thank you

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Don't take the flowers off - they need to be pollinated!


Just leave 'em be (at least that's what my mate did) and they should sort themselves out. It's worth putting them on a piece of wood (each) or something to get them off the mud, but that's about all we've done.


Hopefully, someone who actually knows might post something? :thumbsup:

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Hi I am not an expert..however..the female flowers grown the pumpkin behind them (you can see a swelling behind the flower) and I usually cut the end off the plants around a foot or two along from this. ( this makes the plant put all its energy into the pumpkin rather than more leaves and flowers)


If your plants are just flowering that i think it may be too late in the season as my pumkins are around the size of footballs and the leaves are dying down a bit.


The pumpkins won't like the frost, and need to be inside, so the plant hasn't got all that much longer to develop before this time.

Good luck

Hope this was helpful

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