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Pro dub license

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What are other Dj's views on this Did you know it excisted ( i found out yesterday ??) Have asked my regular venues if they know about it ( no they dont ??). All though my days of carrying vinyl and cd's are far behind me and i do use a Laptop now purley because it is so much easier than lugging cases around. I would not class my self as DJ more of a provider of required music and entertainment for the respected gig.


But how on earth can this license be enforced. :huh:


I found 1 web page with a tarriff :




Is the license for music you are going to get in that year or is it music karaoke files you already have ???


And what of the money you have already paid for the tracks in the first place.


The venue surley is responsible for the license to play music/ bands entertainment.


Anybody got any views or even some more Info??

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