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Any ideas and help for my new business..

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Hi there!


I'm a busy mum of 2 who really really doens't want to go back to work after maternity leave!! So i'm in the middle of setting up a web site selling Childrens toys.

Mainly party bag items... Jigsaws... pull along toys.... and play food....

All unusual and extreamly good quality.


Would this be something you think you'd use? Anything you would love to see on a website?

I am planning special offers and free delivery for Sheffield customers!





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My queries of a business with strength would be:

What are you doing which is different to Argos,Toys R Us, Boots, ELC, eBay and the craft catalogues?

I can get all the items you suggested at Sainsburys,Tesco or Asda without even looking at a toy shop and as a sole trader or small business it's likely that your cost per item will be higher. Even Poundstretcher does all those items. And I've seen several online companies who specialise in party goods. Not On The Highstreet does lots of amazing stuff but... they're doing it already.

I realise this might rain on your parade somewhat but you did ask for opinions.


So, IMO you'd need to be selling something hard to find or of a unique nature, or cheaper than others to make me want to buy from you. Personalised goods are sometimes trickier but then many places do that too now. My daughters have slightly unusual names so it isn't easy to find things which could be useful for them, like bags for nursery which are easy to identify as theirs.


I also buy all the goods for our playgroup and experience tells me that safe and robust toys are the best investment, but funds are limited. Plastic is often a no no. Inflatables a disaster. So wood is good but with it comes cost.


The one thing I cannot find is a smallish but safe and robust seesaw.

Or large equipment designed for small spaces, like toy kitchens which seem to be huge these days. Or equipment which adapts to fit spaces, like under the stairs.


So, for me it's a no, unless the 'unusual' part is exceptional.

Best of luck with your venture either way :)

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