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Useful information for members of the A&G group..please read me!

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Welcome to the Allotment and Gardening group :)


This is a very friendly and helpful group to post on, and a great help if you have any gardening problems, need information,or just want to chat about your garden.


There is a broad range of topics and posters and the group contains a wealth of information to motivate and inspire you.


So come on get those green fingers clicking...below is a selection of threads that you might find very useful.


Welcome to the SF Allotment and Gardening Group!


Recommendations for Garden Centres / Nurseries / Online Gardening Resources


Suggested gardening books for winter reading


Mega Pond Thread - for all things to do with ponds !


Also if you have something important that needs to go to the top of the page get in touch with the mods

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