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Tramlines Festival 2011

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hey everyone - great reading the comments - can't believe how close it is all of a sudden. Anyways the listings should be up tomorrow at noon... along with some more artists we have managed to sneak in on Friday night.




deveonshire street will be open to pedestrians this year - rather than being in the arena. We have our fingers crossed for the traders at the top of the street. We did mess it up for them last year - not deliberately but hoping they will have a good one this time round.



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I have seen two bands that were listed as playing and I wanted to see (Frankie and The Heartstrings and The Noisettes) but neither are on the official site. Have they got something better to do after all?

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Looking forward to this, wicked way to round of the weekend!

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Anyone kno if theres an opportunity to be a volounteer to this event or to pay for a VIP que jump wristband? ;)

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Hi All,


We're not officially part of Tramlines, but are hosting some live acoustic sessions on the weekend, accompanied by outdoor bar and BBQ as the first of our "Music In My Back Yard" events - held in our new beer garden. The line up is as follows, hope to see you there! -


Fri 22nd July

6pm - Conor Houston

7pm - Mark Nichols

8pm - Emily Ireland

8.45pm - Don Barrel Gents


Sat 23rd July

1pm - Chloe-Jade Simmons

2.30pm - artist TBA

3pm - Joolz (Little Vegas)

4pm - Ed Cosens (Reverend & The Makers)

5pm - Liam (Smugglers Run)

6pm - Will Barstow

7pm - Lost PePe Sessions

8pm - Sarah Mac

9.30pm - This Party Kills


Sun 24th July

1.30pm - Georgi

3pm - DT (Cartels)

4pm - Mark Nichols

5pm - Ash Holland

6pm - Matt Longden

6.50pm - Big Stripey Lies

7.45pm - Mynas

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Time: 23 July at 23:30 - 24 July at 08:00




Location DLS/Snow Lane

7 Smithfield, Shalesmoor, S3 7AR

Sheffield, United Kingdom





Now then Sheffield, this is the pinacle of all the DLS action so far.


5 Rooms hosted by some of the finest local nights, hog roast, Kacha Puri food bar, massage tent, 4 bars, 2 courtyard smoking areas and 35 (ish) of your finest local heroes of dance music. Oh, and its FREE.


I could sit here listing superlatives to entice you in but I think the gauntlet has been thoroughly thrown down already.

...We have never had the whole place open at once before and this is going to be massive.


DLS will be open all day for the Real Ale main stage so come down early, get some food and sing the blues before the big party action begins!


Sound by Danger Noise Audio, Studio 45 and Jonny ******.


DLS ROOM- Collect! (local heroes of techno and house)

Runhidesurvive (Club Pony)

Growmore (Cargo)

Loshea (MIS)

Set 2 (Collect!)

Drumroll DJs- Sixfootsick and Up + Atom

Kujio (Collect!)

Keyman (Collect!)


GRINDING ROOM- Jayney's Jackshack(full tilt jack shack deep house room)

Sound Diggers

Carl Dean

Bez and John

Lee Whitehead and Jayney


WEIGHING ROOM- Tinnitus(big nasty beats from Sheff's masters of core and gabba)

Johnny Sideways

Macheen Boi

N Vision

Distorted Panda

Sinista Tek




SNOW LANE GREAT HALL- Ann D presents Bootleg(big bassey beats from acid techno to breaks)

Ann D (Headcharge)

Steve Geenius

John W (Headcharge)


WAREHOUSE- Dont Walk Boogie(Disco funk business)

deno - (chuff chuff/pseudo 54)

solid state (all out war/toko/guidance)

danimal swainger (stop play paws)

dan j (don't walk boogie/phono/itchy pig)

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Yeah, should be a good one!


For anyone who isn't familiar with Harrisons it's a bar with a courtyard, tucked away just off the West St drag - here's a photo showing where it is:




Fair amount of world beers on draft (Brooklyn Lager, Peroni, Erdinger, Pilsner Urquell) plus loads of different bottled beers + BBQ + 14 of Shef's premier DJs = good vibes all round :)

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any1 know what time heaven 17 perform used to live next door to glen gregorys nan ethel at wincobank even went to his wedding nite at sheffield parkway markets lol good nite had by all lol

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9pm for Heaven 17 to the man above.

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