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Petrac, pettrack , petlog all ver confusing please help

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We had are dog microchipped and it atutomaticly been registered with pettrac it will cost £16.95 as on off fee if i want full benefits. Today i found a leaflet from petback which is free for a year. The look at pet log. I am very confused :confused:what the difference between them all ? Is anyone better than other ? What people exprince ?


Thank you :)

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Petback are run by the Missing Pets Bureau which, I believe has gone under. Takara was registered with their Petback Medalert (which costs) and there was a thread on here saying the MPB has closed down so anyone with Petback loses it.


Petback is not a Microchip, it's just a service that means you tag your dog without your details, just with Petback details and then whoever finds it, calls Petback and quotes the ID number on the tag to get your details. It's supposed to counteract theft and ransom taking... but it's irrelevant now anyway if they're no longer going.


Petlog is just another microchip company, like Identichip - they all cost to have them done. None are particularly better than the other though some chips have been known to migrate moreso than others. If you had a Pettrac chip inserted then that's the one you're registered with and I don't think you can alter that.


I'd not heard of Pettrac but all it means is if you dog is found and scanned and a number comes up, companies like Petlog and Identichip will probably be tried first as they're more commonly known but they may be able to tell whoever has scanned the dog that the number belongs to Pettrac. Then they would call Pettrac to request your details.


I think I paid £15 for the Petlog one, they're all pretty similar I think.

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It is confusing but let me try to explain sorry Lotti.


Petlog is run by the kennel club and is actually the national database for microchipped pets.


Pettrac is owned by Avid Pettrac and they have there own database as they refused to be part of the kennel clubs database and wanted one of their own. They also supply there own microchips to go on their own database.


There are thousands of microchip companies a couple of the top of my head are PetID, Indentichip, Petdetect and Peddymark who manufacture and supply microchips to vets and implanters. All of them are to be registered to the petlog database apart from the Avid Pettrac ones as I mentioned above.


Most of the microchips now have an anti migration coating but none are foolproof its down to the implanter and the owner, the implanter has to do it correct in the first place and the owner needs to leave well alone in the first week of implantation.


I would go with a petlog registered chip to be honest all my chips are Petlog registered. As an implanter myself I changed over from Avid when I realised that Petlog can be awkward about reunification when it comes to an Avid microchip (Petlog and Avid have a long running battle) which is ridiculous when it comes to someones lost pet.


As Lotti says though once you have an Avid chip there is nothing you can do to change that.


Clear as pea soup....it is really:hihi:

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Thank you both for replys you made it a lot clearer. :D

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