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All Front5, FREE Alldayer Sun 19th July, Mentholman's@WEST Street Live

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Mentholman's@WEST Street Live,West Street, Sheffield

Sunday 19th July

1.30pm thro to 2am!

FREE entry



All Front5!!


It's coming!!!


A mammoth 18 act Free Entry Alldayer showcasing some of the best of our singers.

For those of you that have either played or attended one of the previous All Front gigs, you'll know how excellent these events are.

From the very first All Front on the 10th June 2007, the idea was always to prove how amazing some of our singers are. And despite them fronting some cracking bands, it isn't always apparent just how good their vocals are until they are stripped of the full band sound.


Each frontperson is allowed only one other musician on stage with them at any one time and they play a set of their choice of songs.


It's quite something to have so many performers playing one event and I hope you'll agree that each one is worthy of catching on the day, so pace yourself with the ol' booze, bring in food if you want to and join us in having a brilliant day and night thro to 2am.

We'll have loads of offers on the bar, to help you thro :)


Below is the list of players and we use the time honoured tradition of selecting names from the hat for the stage times.

The performers:



1430 > 1450 John Slater - Ex 'Rise To Addiction' and 'The Von Trapps' (:hihi:)


1500 > 1520 Stu Rickards - Void


1530 > 1550 Stefano – Stefano


1600 > 1620 Jonny Davies – Mantank


1630 > 1650 Daniel Callaghan – Normaliser


1700 > 1720 Ben Orrah – The Get Down Nights


1730 > 1750 Tommy Jones – Flatline


1800 > 1820 Gaz Hope – Henry’s Carpet Skip


1830 > 1850 Tam Ali – Awooga


1900 > 1920 Alex Piercey – North of Watford


1930 > 1950 Johnny Rock – Unholy Three


2000 > 2020 Anna Haigh – Anna and Band


2030 > 2050 Rob Tarana – Tarana


2100 > 2120 Gareth Jones – Team Puma


2130 > 2150 Fallen Trees – Fallen Trees


2200 > 2220 Jason Richford – The Bowie Contingent


2230 > 2250 Steve and Dan – Cause of Denial


1100 > 1120 Kirk Yeomans – The Venkman Heist

Edited by Mentholman

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Oooh, gotta be there for the Dan Callaghan set - that lad can sing...

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Only a week away folks. Nice acoustic goodness for a chilled out Sunday.

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Awesome gig..

Blissed out.


Thank you everybody.


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