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Sinking of coal-mines

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Originally posted by cgksheff

The late Fred Dibnah demonstrated this technique on one of his programmes.

He was sinkinging a small shaft in his "back yard" and had steam-driven Winding Gear to go over it!

I'm not sure if it was ever finished and what will become of it now he's gone.

I understand the council stepped in and stopped him going any deeper a while ago on Health & Safety grounds,

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Originally posted by Billy24

Yes if you do find out the name of the book, I would like to know and i'll go down and borrow it from the library if they still have it.


Originally of course there were only a few roads in Brinsworth and a few farms and that was it, the roads were, ....


The first I think was Bonnet Lane and Bawty Road at the top of Bonnet Lane.


Then came,

Duncan Street.

Ellis Street.

Atlas Street.

Brinsworth Lane, (also once known as 'Narrow Lane).


Brinsworth Manor school was built primary to take the Rotherham Main Colliery workers children.


(Sorry if you aready knew all this).


yes i did know but it's still good to post such info as other user's may not have known


still trying to find name of book

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On 04/06/2005 at 18:48, Billy24 said:

A pit being 'sunk' simply means when the pit shafts were dug out for the cages that that took the miners down to the bottom.


My grandfather was the 'Under Manager' at Rotherham Main Colliery, (Canklow) and his son, (my father) was a 'Winder', the man that worked the lifting tackle of the cages that took the men down, my other grandfather was the foreman/joiner at the same pit.


This colliery closed down in 1954, I would be very interested if anyone else has anything to say about this colliery.

Hi. I know it’s years since this post was active but I’ve just come across it.  My Great Grandad Billy Jackson was also a Winder at Rotherham Main at least between around 1900 to 1939.  I have a couple of his badges.  I wonder if there is amy match up between my Gr Grandad & your Grandad?  

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