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Sheffield City Council Question!

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Me and my partner are living in a 1 bed flat currently, we have lived there for less than 6 months. He is the tenant and i am only down on the housing benefits as living there and that is as a friend although the job center do now know it is as a couple. My name has always been on the housing benefits.


Since he has been living there he has learnt that his cousin lives a few floors up. He does not get on with that side of the family and has started getting constant threats from his cousin and friends, although they have not been reported to the police.


About a week ago his door was booted off, nothing taken apart from small things that were on show anyway, as if who ever kicked the door off was not there to steal anything.


He has also got somebody after him, all to do with this family who twice now has been to his front door and kicked it, pulled it, shouted through the letterbox and it is very clear that he is wanting to hospitalise my partner.


Both the last 2 incidents have been reported to the police.


Obviously all this has made my partner rather scared to go back to the flat and he is going to go to the council monday morning.


He has been told by his support worker that he could get a move through not being able to afford it as his rent is over £35 a fortnight and he is on the sick and has to pay all that as it is distrct heating.


Does anybody know if the council will take that as enough for harrassement, if he should ask for a move through affordability and or if they'll move me with him? And how would they go about it, would they move him into a bnb or what?


Any replies are extremely helpful!



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doubt it to be honest, me and my partener were robbed at knife point and named the culprits, this is the 2nd or 3rd time this has happened but the council wouldnt move us as they said we felt 'victimised' and werent at serious risk of harm!


we are currently appealing the decision. i have also contacted our local MP and an MP in london in the hope that the Council change their minds

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