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Who remembers the dentist on Gleadless Common

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Percy Fisher the dentist. We were taken there religiously by our mum who firmly believed in going to the dentist. Of course it was all free in those days. We enjoyed a ride in the chair and were given sweets if we were good!!


It was a big house on "the Common" just down from Mrs Schofields shop on the right as you go down the hill, below the farm and before where Leadbeater Road is now. Who remembers him??

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I visited the dentist you mentioned sometime in the years between l947-l950. I remember Mr. Fisher had a very plush waiting room filled with antiques in a beautiful, big house. I also remember his mother coming in and out of the waiting room and talking to some of the patients. But what I remember most was his gorgeous dental assistant.

During the dental procedure Mr. Fisher left the surgery. While he was gone, his dental assistant started talking to me about movies. She said she enjoyed going to movies, that there was a very good film on at the Rex, and did I often go to the movies? I said I did and left it at that. Mr. Fisher returned and finished filling my tooth. I left the surgery and started walking home. Only then did I realize that this stunning girl had been suggesting that we go to the movie together.

How dense youth can be!

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