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Brightside foundry heating & vent

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I've posted before on this thread. I worked for Brightside from becoming an apprentice in 1967. I have very fond memories of working with some very good blokes, but I lost touch after leaving in 1976 to work at the British Steel Corporation. I did some Open University while at BSC, which resulted in me going to work in Saudi Arabia in 1986. After several years in the Gulf I progressed to work on some very big projects all over the world. I decided stop travelling about ten years ago and to change career. So I went to university, and after graduating in English Literature, I did an MA and then qualified as a teacher. I currently lecture in English at a college just outside London. 


As I said, I still have fond memories of working at Brightside, so a few years ago I added a 'Brightside Heating and Engineering' page to my FaceBook account. The page has had a few visitors over the years. The trouble is, there isn't much information (photo's particularly) available on the web that is interesting and topical to post on the page. So, once you've visited the page, that's it! 


So, what I have done now is to establish a FaceBook group by the same name as the existing page—Brightside Heating and Engineering—and you can access it by clicking on the link below:




A group is much more flexible in that it allows  members to exchange information in the group and to keep things updated without relying on a single person to keep it updated. What I'm hoping is that Brightside ex-employees, or relatives of ex-employees will join the group and begin to add photographs, anecdotes and other memorabilia. Just like this forum, really, but much more visual and with the means to show a much greater variety of information from using any . So, if anybody reading this has anything of interest, like photographs, anecdotes, updates on what you've been doing since Brightside closed down, etc, please join the group and start to post whatever you have. 


I look forward very much to hearing from anyone!


Regards to all,


Steve Fothergill

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I now a Roger Barr’s that worked for Brightside in the 60 he lived in the high rise flats at the the top of Andover street 

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