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Dog Hairs

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Ohh that's good then. :)

When she was a puppy a few people asked if she was a westie, saying she didn't look like one coz she had a pointy nose.

I'd still love her lots even if she wasn't a pure Westie anyway. :) And I actually think she's cuter than the Westie's with funny hair cuts, haha. Although saying that, when we took her to be groomed last year, they cut all her fur off, so she was pretty much bald, then she looked weird, she didn't even look like a Westie. :(

I don't think she's square yet, she's a bit round at the moment actually.

That's weird though how Westie's arn't meant to moult and she is. Maybe we're doing something wrong/not brushing her enough? She's been like it since we got her though, as I remember saying just after we got her(joking) that I was going to take her back for a refund as my non moulting dog was moulting!


Back on topic... although I wouldn't seriously do it as it's cruel and evil, I wonder if sticking the offending dogs in a washing machine would make them stop moulting. :P

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