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Instafink Virus help please??

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Hi, this is a long story.............


I am currently logging in to SF on my Mum's pc because I can't log in at home. There are some sites which I cannot log in to. Others which I can log into with no probs.



When browsing the web, certain sites will keep redirecting me to 'coupon mountain' and 'windows-click'. Also I am getting blue movies popping up (no pun) and sites offering me the chance to win a 3g iphone.


A neighbour has updated my AVG to version 8.0, and it has found an instafink virus, plus lots of cookie redirectors? AVG has apparently quarantined the virus.


Upon rebooting, I still cannot log in to SF, and the virus seems to have reinstated itself.


I just don't know what else to do??


Any advice would be helpful, and also recommendations on where to take it to get it sorted without being charged over the odds?


Many thanks:)

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instafink is a browser helper object, something like adaware by lavasoft (free download) should get shut of it.


might be better to restart in safe mode and then run it to be doubly sure

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First of all, if your AVG is the free version, no matter what people tell you on here, ditch it. It doesn't remove rootkit virus infections. If you want free antivirus, get Avira (the free one) or Comodo Internet Security (free).


If I were you, I'd download SuperAntispyware, update it and run a full scan.




The best way of getting shut of BHO's is manually using HijackThis (Trend Micro).




With this though, you need to know what to look for to disable it.


MalwareBytes AntiMalware is also very good and free.




Don't forget to update them with the latest definitions though before running a full scan (not just a quick scan).

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Thanks for the links, unfortunately I could not click onto them cos I kept getting redirected elsewhere due to the rotten virus!!


In the end we took it to Crown Computers on London Road, and they've got rid of several viruses and reinstalled Windows. Good job at a good price. I would highly recommend them:thumbsup:

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