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Can I Get..... (pet hate Americanisms)

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One of my pet hates is this Americanism creeping into everyday life, mostly by middle class kids.


The vendor will get the goods, you just ask if you can have them not get them. OK.

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So do I Chelle, terrible. Heard it on the train back from London this very afternoon AAAARRRRGGHHH

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so you would like a 'could i please have a' instead then??


does it really make that much difference?? i would say can i get if i thought the situation warranted it without a doubt..

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And what occasion would warrent using this awful request that has only recently crept into existence.

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For the longest time, the ruination of the English language has driven me round the bend.
Often times, I've heard guys asking ''Can I get a latte to go''. The Barista replies 'So''  … ''would you like a 
medium, or a large''. ''A large I guess'' says the guy.
I went to pick my 4 year old Grandaughter up from school, and the teacher strode out in to the Playground 
clapping her hands and shouting ''Guys, guys, guys'' at the little mites. Guys?!?!???
When people on the 'phone asked me where I was, I used to reply ''In town'' or ''at the match'' 
I ask people now and they reply I'm in town … right now''  …….Right now?!?! 
Things used to be 'or8' but now everything's 'amazing' or 'R some'. We used to have buns, but now they're 
 'Cup Cakes'. ''We had the best time'' … ''I lost it someplace''….. ''Going for a beer'' ... ''Give it up for'' ……
'Get across it'' …''Could of'' …''Anytime soon'' ….''From the get go'' … ''Cool'' …''Look out for'' … ''Crazy''
'I'm all over this'' …''It was 6am in the morning!'' … ''I soar it'' … ''We look out for each other'' …'I saw it one time''
'Have a look see'' .. ''My mom'' …. ''Trick or treat''…. 'Proms''  …. ''Baby Showers''
There are dozens more, but none come to mind at the moment. I'll add to my list as and when I see or hear
other examples.
If, in a hundred years, there's only one country in the world that speaks English ….. PLEASE make sure it's England.
It's the duty of every parent in this country to save the English language. It'd be a good start if we started correcting 
entries on MyFace and other Social network sites. If a relative says ''It's my Mom's birthday'', be very quick to tell
them that it's not. If they show a picture of 'Cup cakes' be quick to tell them that they're buns. If we all act now, we will
rescue this push for everyone to become American, and we'll be a far better country for it.
We HAVE to stop our kids (which is the ONLY American term I'll ever use) from speaking American. Have a word with
your school's Head and make sure that Americanisms aren't used by Teachers and Staff when addressing pupils.
The garbage that Channel 4 put on at breakfast time to entertain the kids isn't helping either. Whatever happened to
British Childrens' TV?
End of rant. Now get on with saving your children (and Students at Uni) from ruining the English language.
Can I get Fish and chips to go?
Before anyone starts, I know my English isn't perfect. I'm not sure where apostrophes go and what is, or isn't a verb, or
a noun, but I can, and DO speak English. Which is more than the Yanks can do.

Please preserve it, for The Queen and country.


Edit:  It's NOT Eye Kea it's Ickeer ..... It's not Eye beetha, it's Ib eetha ... It's not Umby Lyckel, it's Umbilllical ... it's not Servyckle , it's Serv ical ......

Edited by Hotmale 1954

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