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Old Cigarette Makes


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I was just clearing out some junk and I came across some old fag packets. Park Drive, Woodbine, Players No. 6, Rothmans, Consulate and even the Spanish Celtas. There are many more brands from the 60's/70's just rememberd on called Corsair.

There is 1 brand that was cool in the 60's one of the first King size in a foil packet I just can not rememember the name.


Also I came across Brook Bond cards that you used to get in the old quarter pound Tea Boxes, what memories.


This may be a strange request, but I would like those who remember the names of the cigarettes of the past

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A batchelor Mr.Senior Service took Miss Players for a Park Drive. He felt a Superking as he drove his John Player Special No.6 State Express down the Strand, past Picadilly on the way to the American Embassy. He stopped and took her behind some benson & Hedges in a Woodbine and as he layed her down on a Gold Leaf, dressed only in a Silk Cut, he thrust his Rothmans King Size into her Golden Virginia and nine months later out popped a Cadet who became Internationaly known as Peter Styvesant.

Which just goes to show, Senior Service satisfy :thumbsup:

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