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Zimbabwe and its people

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Hi Wildcat I got my facts from Encyclopaedia Britannica not Wikipedia.

Do you think that if we still had as you call them "White Rhodesians" in the area that the food supply would be different.


Do you think that now that Men Women and Children are dying of Chlorea due to this Idiot as well as starvation that we now need to act and put aside the past.

Black or White the situation today has to be stopped, we can spend time writing pages of the history and where the blame lies, but dont you think we should act and stop a situation started by a greedy and a stupid man.

He lives in his Palace and goes without nothing while he watched his people DIE in circumstances that should not be allowed to continue.


The figures on Encyclopadeia Britannica I can find are very different to the ones you gave. The White population was at its greatest around 200,000 (according to EB). Today the population is around 12 million, I can't find a figure for back then, but it is clear from that Whites were a tiny proportion of the overall population. You may have missed out some zeros or something on the figures you gave because they don't make sense and I can't find them on Encyclopaedia Britannica. (Ps EB is horribly slow, badly laid out and lacking in info compared with Wiki)


I think we should act, but I am suspicious of sanctions on anything apart from luxury goods and weapons. The best way to act in situations like this is to argue for human rights and for freedom of NGOs to go about their business. Too much overt support for the opposition rather than strengthening the opposition will undermine them, and I am not sure Morgan Tsvangirai has the solutions either. Linking ourselves too closely to the World Bank and its economic policies that have failed so many countries, is not in my opinion a useful way to address the political corruption, nor the economic problems.

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I hope that someone acts soon or there is going to be another human dissaster that could have been avoided but the world stood by and watched.


its not about loosing face and worried about being aquesed of being colonialist, its about people. I say we go in and give the government back to the majority to start mending the country. and if African nations object then tuff, they should be ashamed to have let it get this far.

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The one thing we can learn from the lessons of history is we never seem to learn from the lessons of history.


Invading a sovereign country, not matter how well intentioned, or how compelling the ulterior motives, doesn't work. At best it might temporarily relieve the symptoms but it doesn't cure the disease. History tells us this and so does the recent and ongoing regime changing farcical in Iraq.


The people of Africa need to find their own way. We can shine a beacon to try and guide them but how quickly they follow, or even if they choose to follow at all, is down to them. A cultural change is required and that cannot be achieved by sending in armies but by giving them time.

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I believe real change can only come when the people of Zimbabwe say `we will not put up with this monster any more`

It will be terribly hard and many will die but they are dying now.

Wouldn`t the ultimate justice be if Mugabe himself caught cholera. I know it won`t happen, he doesn`t have to drink filthy disease ridden water but it would be a delicious fate for him.

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