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Ashleigh School - Did you go there?

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On 01/06/2019 at 22:24, Paul Vernon said:

Hi not sure if anyone remembers me , I had two younger  brothers Carl and Martin originally went from Gleadless Middle school approx 1973 left approx 1978,Pupils I went up to the lower school across from Hurlfield School at that time were Sally Ramsden,Heather Butler, Dawn Bolton, Tracy Ford , John Ford,Peter Baggaley, Adrian Riley, Dominic Noble,Andre Parkin Chris White, David Thomas,Linda Sowerby think David Saynor ,Caroline Napier, Helen Noble,, Debbie Truswell. Christine Power, Michael Partridge,Dawn Gill ,Helen Mather,Victoria Brown,Others remembered Nicky Staniland,Craig Senior ,Wayne Whittaker,Joanne Moyses,,Debbie Fox,Virginia Eaton ,Margaret Ginniver,Anita Holland,Debra Saunders,Elaine Wiiloughby,Andrea ,,,,,Alison and Andrea Arliss twins from Liverpool,Phil Carr ,Mark Carr,Robert Tunnard (rip)Paul Moss, Mark Holliday , Graham Sunderland, Chris Shackleton,Andy  Allen, Philip Rose,Paul Pearson,Pat and Patricia Ross,Chris and Mark Thorpe,Dougie Hill,Slippy Quarry his nickname can't remember correct sorry,Glyn Heppenstall nickname Banker,Stuart Maris joined the marines as I remember, Dean Fowler joined RAF.

Remember the first day  the pupils from Hurlfield hurled empty milk bottles across the road at us, The head was Mr David Fyfe,Miss Bamford was in a deputy position  Mr Tingle,I think my form teacher was Mrs Thorpe she taught the girls games, other teachers were,

Mr Westnedge taught engineering,Miss Read English, Mr Gears geography,Mrs Gears biology, Mr Greenwood Chemistry,,Mr Lambert German,Mrs Rae Spanish,Mr Purdey Maths,Mr Pearson metalwork,Mr Jackson Woodwork,Mrs Pengelly, English Lit I think,Mdm Burell, French! Mr White think dep head at Lower school,Mr Jenkins History,Mr Groarke Physics,Mr Carrick Smith media studies , Mr Crisp Tech Drawing,Mr Potts games,

Mr McKay Motor vehicle technology,Mr Bunn English, Mrs Marshall maths, her husband was a year 1 tutor,Mrs King,I remember the walks between schools, cross country especially in winter.I hope this jogs memories from this time.




Mrs King. My friend married her after she (sadly) got a divorce!

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I was at Gleadless Middle till 75 and Ashleigh till 81 (including 2 year in the 6th form.


That list of names brings back a lot of memories and most of those I had long since forgotten. You have a far better memory than me. 


You (Paul) must have left Gleadless in 75 as I know all of the names you mention. I was at the match (Utd) with Paul Moss a couple of weeks back, and had some drinks with Mick Newton earlier this month. Got a Xmas card just this morning from Kev Beckwith and swapped texts with Steve Bunting a few weeks back. 


The last time I saw anyone as a crowd was back in 97 at the New Inn at the bottom of Gleadless Common for a 6th form reunion.

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Hi browny 1889


How are messrs Moss, Beckwith and Bunting? I was in the same year and haven't seen or heard of any of them since we left.


Chris A.


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