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Coronation Buildings - Infirmary Rd

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Hello Dave , !!! It's been a while ! , yes we were big friends in our childhood we played together constantly until our lives split when we flitted and started our working lives ?. I do not recall seeing you at Chaucer Comp. ? where Pam and myself ended up . Yes we played many many hours with the entries as goals , the railings in the middle , and of course cricket ...do you remember how many windows we smashed !! plus climbing on the roof to get the balls back ...I could go on for hours ?. Phil Hartley lived in the corner of the first floor which was underneath my Grandma & Grandads which was nu.13 !! the Charlesworths , the Woollens had two daughters Gillian ...but I forget the other ? I think ??? John Cole went to Australia ?. I remember Jimmy & Pat , Bryan Young and his mum ended up on the same St. as us at our new house at Broomhall ( near the Hallamshire Hosp.) I'm afraid he died a couple of years later , do you remember how he used to make cricket stumps for us ?. The last time I saw you , I was up a ladder and you were driving a dumper truck with very long hair !! out Mosboro/Halfway , we didn't get to speak for some reason ?. Well Jennifer and myself ended up living out here but Pam is now in Louth Lincolnshire . Well I certainly couldn't play Foota with you anymore !!! LOL....am sixty bloody six !! time flies !. Gordon.

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hi gordon lovely to hear from you if i had known you lived at mosboro you could have come for a pint i had the duke of york eckington for three years before that i had the royal hotel on walkley street for the last 8 years i was steward of wadsley bridge w m c i retired this year i have moved about 900 yards from coronation buildings now we cannot run we will have to play miniture cricket remember with the small bat and a marble good days

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