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Film Societies in Sheffield

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Does anyone know of any film societies (not including the Sheffield Uni Film Unit) in Sheffield. I'm keen to join up with groups that go to watch decent films and discuss/lecture on it afterwards. Any suggestions?

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Not exactly a film society but I suggest you try The Showroom. They have non-mainstream films, discussion groups, film quizzes and much more. I think you'd like it.

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Talking of The Showroom, they have something called Desert Island Cinema. Pay £170 and you get the film of your choice and 50 free tickets. If we get 50 people on this board, choose a film between us, get it hired and it would only cost £3.40 per person. How about a Sheffield Forum Film Society !!!!!!!

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That would be really good - it would be another opportunity to meet up and if it's during the week it will be really good for parents too ;)

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this is FREE tomorrow. meant to be cack though





The Showroom has 100 pairs of tickets to give away for the exclusive

preview screening of UK smash BULLET BOY tomorrow evening,

Wednesday 16th March at 7.00pm.


In attendance will be Bullet Boy director Saul Dibb and lead actor

Ashley Walters (So Solid Crew) who will be happy to answer questions after

the screening. Bullet Boy has received rave reviews from the UK press

and the Showroom is offering our e-list members the chance to see the

film before it gets general release in the UK.


We are giving away tickets on a first come first served basis please

arrive at Showroom box office at 6.30pm.


A stunning contemporary film

Baz Bamingboye, Daily Mail March 11


Its about time our native film industry got off its craggy conservative

butt and said hello to contemporary culture, and Bullet Boy is one

British movie gearing up to kick arse Eschewing guns in the hood cliche,

documentary maker turned first time feature director, Saul Dibb, has gone

for a low key documentary style approach, with affecting and realistic




The best UK film I have seen in years Andy

McNab, The Mail on Sunday

one of the most eagerly awaited debut British films for years. Bullet

Boy is director Saul Dibbs acclaimed feature, starring Ashley Walters in

a powerful drama about growing up in urban Britain.

The Observer Review, March 6

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