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Family doctors of years gone by

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My grandson is in the Childrens Hospital at the moment. Whilst visiting the other night, I got chatting to one of the other 'grandads'. We got talking about the old family doctors and how the service was much different to today. (I'm not knocking todays docs, times have changed).

Our old Doctors were Dr Cooney and Dr Damms on Southey Green Rd. The waiting room was set out with old dining chairs around the perimeter and set out in the centre as though for musical chairs! No one would speak hardly and you had to count your turn, remembering who had come in after you. The silence only shattered by the terrifying buzzer that meant 'Next'


Dr Damms once visited my father during the night whilst he was having a very serious Athsma attack (his first and he was very frightened). Dr Damms turned up at 3am in his pyjamas with his coat over the top. He treated, then sat and comforted my dad till around 5.30 am. What a star! My daughter's GP wouldn't even consider a home visit for my grandson which I thought was a bit poor. Any recollections??

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Dr Cooney and Dr damms were my families Doctor's too.

Dr Cooney helping bring me into the world,after being called for by Nurse Higgot, when my mother had a difficult home birth, but all was well in the end.

I remenber Dr Cooney coming to our house everyday to see me when i had Scarlet Fever in the late 60's, no need fror my mum to ask for a house call, he just came "i was just passin, thought i would just call in" he would say.

Dr Damms wife Dr mary was a very good Doctor too, she was alway's willing to listen and gave good advice in my teenage years.

When Dr V,R Patel came to the surgery some people took a while to accept him, but he too was relly nice and caring, helping my dad and everyone through my dad's heart transplant in 1995, sadly my dad died in 1996 and again Dr Patel was there to help us through our loss.

If anyone rang the surgery at 7 in the morning they would be told to come on straight away or he would visit before 7.30am, weekday's and weekends.

I still attend the same surgery as do my 2 son's.

Dr N.H Patel and Dr Deslandes now, no home visits and no appointment's unless you can predict you will be ill in 2 week's time.

Sometime's things dont alway's change for the better.

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Personally I try and avoid the medical profesion as much as possible, but we cant do without them. My one enduring memory, going back to pre Health Service days, was having to go and collect some cough medicine. This was from a Dr Olroyd, who's practice was at the top of Woodside Lane,Pitsmoor. I was only about nine or ten years old. I had to wait with the roomfull of patients, my name was called by someone and I went into another room, was given the bottle of medicine and was asked for half a crown.

About a month later you could get it for nothing. Now we pay again. Yep, we're going backwards alright.

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i too used to go to dr. damms,while a good bloke,and a bit of a character,i much preferred Patel,who seemed more thorough,he was very good to both my father and mother during their lives.We did initially have Dr. Ivy Nicholls on Halifax Road,then switched to Metson and Chaudry on southey hill,then to Damms,been with this practice since.

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