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Mega Thread: Email Spam/Scam & Virus Warnings

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A Lloyds scam has appeared in my inbox


purports to be from "Lloyds Tsb Bank"<security@lloydstsb.co.uk>

return path matches the sender address

subject "Upgrade Your Account"


content is an HTML formatted document with the text

Customer Service: New Security Standard


Dear Lloyds Customers,


Advance Card. 11.9% APR Typical variable. Get 0% on purchases for 6 months. Find out more From our website. Introducing 2009 New Security Standard. We are glad to inform you, that our bank is upgrading its new

security standards. The new updated technologies

Will ensure the security of your payments through our bank.


We kindly ask you to switched to the new security standard

by clicking on the Upgrade button




Thank you for using Lloyds TSB

The Lloyds TSB Security Group

Happy New Year To Our customers.

please note the incorrect syntax and grammar


all graphics come from "www.lloydstsb.com"


the link takes you to "dzisiaj.info" in Poland


no apparent payload or images used for tracking, as usual if you get one delete it and it doesn't seem to matter much if you've opened it as long as you don't click on the link

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