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Jamie Oliver is doing a cookery programme in a house on Longley Crescent

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I agree the people that show him the most hatred are the dumb morons who think its ok to feed their kids nothing but chips and jammy dodgers. A treat every now and then is fair enough but so many kids are eating nothing but crap on a daily basis. Given to them from the "it never did me any harm" brigade. Well actually it did. If you had a bit more fish in your diet you might have a little more brain power to know that diet coke is not a magic diet cure and you would have ventured your big butt futher into the big wide world then the corner shop for you fags and mars bar. If you want to be a unhealthy sloth thats up to you but dont do it to your bloomin kids. :rant:

well said,i couldnt have put it better me self

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