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Memories of The Stonehouse Pub

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My workmate a lad called Brian was due to get engaged to his girl friend on Boxing day in the early 1970's. Anyway his girl friend got pregnant and so it was arranged for him to get married straight after Christmas.

That meant that he had his bachelor night in  mid December.

We all met up and eventually ended up in the courtyard at the Stonehouse, after a couple of drinks the Salvation Army came in and started to sing Christmas carols.To allow them to be more visible they were allowed up the stairs to sing on the small balcony and Brian somehow managed to gratecrash the choir and lustily joined in the singing.

Unfortunately for him the management took a dim view of this and unceremoniously removed him but boy did we have a good laugh.

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Ah yes! I remember it well!  17-12-1977

Married at 2pm.  Wedding Breakfast and pic's 3pm. Home to change 5.30pm.

Met up with everyone at the Stonehouse 7pm. Graduated into the 'Yard' for the rest of the night, under the 'Stars'.  Fab place ! Great atmosphere ! Brilliant finale to our big day.

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