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WMA to MP3 files

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How do I change WMA files to MP3 files please?:)

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to change WMA to MP3 you need the following programs;


nero 6 or above that has nero encode on it


easy CD-DA extractor


MP3 splitter


NTI gold


any of the above will change the files for you and all are FREE to download these programs.

if you are still unsure pm me and i will send you the info and maybe programs that you need xxx


hope this helps and happy new year

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Changing wma files to mp3s is like copying a casette to another casette, you lose quality, so encode the mp3s at a decent bitrate (e.g.192kbs or more & use VBA).


itunes on a PC will do the conversion for you if this is for an iPod.


Don't delete the originals in case one day you get a player that can play wmas.


For best quality go back to the original CDs and rip them to mp3s.

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