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Leylandii Cuttings

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Down with Leylandii!:lol: :lol:


Jon, why on earth would you want any? It's too tall, it's ugly as hell, AND it poisons the ground beneath its canopy radius for years...Are you out to torture a neighbour?


But if you must have some, don't do as Cycleracer says (sorry CR) - buying it only suggests to sellers that there's a market for it. The stuff is easy enough to grow on. It's invasive. I've (obviously) never tried it, but would have thought that root powder on a cutting would work. Or you could try putting some in water to encourage roots. Weirdo.:P:lol:


Better hedging plants are hawthorn, blackthorn, or even beech. The first two are prickly as well, if you're wanting to be evil lol. They all also make a better screen as they shoot from near the bottom as well as upwards. And you can brush up on your hedgelaying skills every few years as well. Make wildlife happy as well.

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