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St John's School. Anyone know anything about it?

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I attended St. John's school from 1955 to 58. Headmasters name was mr darling. Was in Mrs Vaughan class and the classroom was entered from the hall. I was a flower girl for the May queen . Wallflower that year and the queens name was linda. Got a photo of that and also one of a school "band" . We had tambourines, clackers, Drums, cymbols, triangles...can anyone remember Glen Tomlinson, Ronald Rhodes, Lorraine Maskery, Judith ? Or anyone else that would now be into their 66th year?

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On 26/05/2014 at 21:46, Royw said:

Sorry but somehow I mixed the school names in error! Correction to my last post as I attended St Johns on Bard St. I also remember Mrs Wilde and the caretaker Mr Ashmore. I think the assembly room was on the ground floor and not on the 1st floor as someone mentioned in an earlier post. I was the unfortunate child whose German parent insisted I wear traditional short leather trousers - So if anyone out there has any memory of myself I would love to hear from you. My nickname was whippet as apparently I was a fast runner.

I remember Pat quite well and recall she suffered a small car accident on Broad St which I witnessed and all she was worried about was that her mother would be angry for her loosing the milk she had just purchased. Is this the same Pat?

Hi, I remember you, I went to St Johns on School Street, the Pat who had the accident was Pat Bell, she was a friend of mine. Jan Walton, was (Scholefield) is my sister. I am the youngest of a large family and I was at St Johns from 1958 to 1964  then went to Norfolk. Is your surname Whitehead?


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