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Insurance Crisis Hits Jobs

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Twenty per cent of business owners are being forced to cut back on employment and recruitment, because of the continuing crisis in the liability insurance market, warns the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). A survey among a sample of 1,000 FSB members found that 20 per cent are "facing the doubling of premium costs on top of last year's dramatic increases", and 25 per cent find it difficult - or impossible - to obtain liability insurance "at any price", while eight per cent are trading without liability cover, despite that being a legal requirement.


I got this from Business LInk South Yorkshire, http://www.blsy.com/


I just wondered if any one could explain these rises to me.

I have spoken to various insurance brokers who are unwilling to give me a full explanation, why should they it's more commission for them every time the premiums go up.


3 years ago it cost me less than £300 for public liability and contents.

The latest quote is just under £900 for the year (the first was £1200), I know it doesn't sound a fortune but it all adds up and it's only a small shop. If these rises continue I will not be able to afford it.


One guy said to me "well you are working with hazardous materials". My reply to that was "They are no more hazardous now than they were three years ago". He then went deaf as they do.


Other types of insurance, life, car, house etc for me don't seem to be affected.


Anybody ?

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Could it be because these ambulance chasing scum such as Claims Direct are encoraging people to sue anyone in sight?


In the olden days, if you tripped or fell, you'd get up, dust yourself down and carry on with your shopping. Now, you look for someone to blame and demand compensation.

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