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Anyone from Attercliffe 1961/68 who knew John and Alan Smith

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The names I remember from my halcyon days on the Cliffe were, Pete Beresford(who I know has posted on here) Michael Nash, Roger Souter, Barry Smith, Michael Bickerdike, Glenn and Denis Thompson and I do remember John Stead and if I do remember correctly he did want to be a jockey.


In an earlier post someone mentioned Georgie Woods barbers, he had the most amazing contraption, it was a wheel on a pole with a seat on the top and he used to sit on it while he cut your hair:D.


I can vividly recall my man taking me there and I used to sit in horror as Georgie used to singe the hair on the mens heads as I thought he might do it to me:loopy:


I left Attercliffe in 1966 to go to Brinsworth where I still am to this day, but in 1990 I bought the Lunch Box café and on our first day there my mam Nellie came to give us a hand, after the café had closed we went outside for a cuppa, she turned to me and said "We've come home kid"


And do you know what, she was right, Attercliffe will always be considered as home to anyone who was brought up there in the 50s and 60s:nod:

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Hi we lived down cliff the Dexter's 123, Chippingham street we all went 2 huntsmans garden school it woz at the end of our road we knocked about with the Riley's my brother tony knock about with a kid called peter fanon we used 2 go 2 sand reck park we all use 2 get on the zip line and see who use 2 fall off first. WOT GREAT DAYS THEY WOZ.

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