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The sensitive guy

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A woman meets a guy in a bar for a drink. Where they sit and chat and laugh all night, getting on like a house on fire. As the time approaches midnight the guy tentatively asks the woman if she’d like to come back for a nightcap or a coffee. She thinks ‘why not’ and they get into a taxi together and set off back to his riverside apartment.


They pull up outside and he gets out first and opens the car door for her. She’s rather impressed.


They go through the lobby of the apartment block and enter the lift, which whisks them rapidly up to the top floor. He unlocks the door to his apartment and beckons her in. He then begins to show her around the enormous open plan layout. Showing her the panoramic views from the balcony before showing her his bedroom. Inside he has a full wall completely obscured by three shelves of soft cuddly toys. The lower shelf has a huge selection of small toys of all descriptions. The middle shelf has an array of medium sized bears and various other cute animals. The top shelf is adorned with a mass of gigantic fluffy creatures. The woman melts at the sight of all these beautiful cuddly toys. She begins to think that her dreams have come true and she’s finally met the one, the one she will bear children to. All her life she’s been looking for such a kind, caring and sensitive man.


They retire to the living room and continue chatting over rich dark coffee. After a few minutes the woman leans towards him and gently kisses him on the lips. He responds, they embrace and kiss passionately. He picks her up in his strong arms and carries her to the bedroom. Their desires take over and they furiously rip each others clothes off, falling onto the soft silky bed where they begin to make love. The passion intensifies and they spend the next two hours having hot steamy sex. She can’t believe she could ever experience such pleasure.


Finally they both collapse exhausted and satisfied onto the bed. She snuggles up to him and caresses his muscular hairy chest. She turns to him and gazes deeply into his eyes and says ‘How was that for you?’

He looks at her tenderly and replies ‘You can have any prize from the middle shelf’

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So is that what you get up to in your spare time . LoL

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