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Moving to Sheffield

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I am planning on moving to Sheffeild from the west country in the next few weeks. I have been involved with the Dionysus sound system for 3 years doing live pas under the aliase Propulsion. (If you dont know, Dionysus is an underground trance/techno sound system collective which has held club nights Destination Venus@NMB and Planet Zogg@Arches.)

I am looking for a room in a shared house or a cheap studio flat/bedsit in a decent area (I have £3000 of studio equipment!)

I am willing to pay upto £50/Week, but landlord must be able to accept housing benefit until I find full time emploment. I can borrow intial deposit and first couple of months rent from my parents to cover benefit delays. Although I produce dance music I am considerate and only do it at reasonable hours and at not too high a volume.

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