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Writers' Group - START HERE

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Welcome to the Sheffield Forum Writers' Group.


The group leaders are Tallyman & Ron Blanco.


Please use the following shortcuts to navigate around the group.


Joining up


Writers' Group guidelines & etiquette.


The 'Introduce yourself' thread


Competitions & monthly theme


Previous monthly themes (Jan 2008 onwards)


Young writers


The Young writers' thread (aged 10-15)


Posting stories


All stories are posted here in the SFWG forum. Unfortunately, posting them here is likely to count as 'publication' as far as commercial publishers are concerned, and you will in all probability lose your 'first publication rights'. In short, if you offer a publisher a story you have already posted here, you can't say that it has never been published before.


We welcome your stories, poems and pieces of writing in any form. Please start a new topic with an appropriate title - say, "Story: - {story title}".


We hope your story will be commented on by other members of the group, and that you receive useful feedback.

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