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Lisa Marie Presley - good?


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Lisa Marie Presley is currently on TV singing her latest song. It's not really mind kind of music, but that's not the point. Recently she has been on every TV and radio show you can imagine. On the few that I've seen, she has been introduced along the lines of "Hey everyone, this is Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis". Or if they are more subtle then they tend to ask a few questions about how it feels to be in her father's shadows...


...anyway, my point is that she is obviously happy to piggy back on her dad's success in the pursuit of her own fame and fortune. If she was really talented (and serious about her music) then should would ban (they have a lot of control) any interviewer from asking her any Elvis related questions.


However, it seems the opposite may be true - i.e. she is actively encouraging them to highlight the link.


Rant over :)

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The impression I get is that it has been 'expected' of her to put out a record.

She seems to have been on the 'A' list of celebs for years but never really done much or attempted to other than that stupid marraige to plastic man.


I don't think she sounds particularly awful, but I am not having orgasms about the song either. I don't like her dad's singing anyway and in that sense it is a marked improvement.


Moon Maiden

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