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28-10-2010, 16:29   #1
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I wrote some lines for posties, but Lord knows where they've landed.
I copied them and pasted them but I'm just so cack-handed.
Should you come across 'em, try and let me know.
If I don't get it right soon, this laptop's got to go.
I'll resort to pen & paper and never mind the Forum.
If tempting thoughts lead me that way, I'll bloody well ignore 'em.


GL Note: You're posting the stories to the sever OK but you have to 'copy' the link it returns then 'paste' the link here - Have another look at the PM that I sent you.

Anyway, the late post finally got here: Postman.

Last edited by Mantaspook; 29-10-2010 at 23:08. Reason: Added link to server
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