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Should i claim for benefits(off work sick)?

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06-09-2010, 16:05   #1
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i am looking for advice as i dont really know what to do.

i have worked for the last 10 years (full time for the last 6) and have never been off work sick (not even one day in the last 5 years). i live alone in a rented 1 bed house.

about 6 weeks ago i had an accident and it looks like i will be off sick for 12 months. i am due to stop getting company sick pay and will be on SSP soon.

i know SSP is 79pw.
i know i cant claim ESA as i get SSP.
i have savings and shares that add up to about 10,000, but i cant get my hands on the shares immediately, 6,500 is in a cash isa though.

is it worth me claiming for council tax benefit and housing benefit and what is the likelyhood of me getting it? or anything else i can claim?
the SSP isnt even enough to cover my rent but i know i can stretch my savings (this was, after all, my 'emergency fund' in case something like this ever happened) to cover myself until i can return to work.

my employers have been more than fantastic in helping me any way they can, but the whole money thing is out of their control.

i have never claimed anything before and dont even know where to start.
the benefits sites i have looked at are confusing.
how would i even go about putting in a claim?
and is the effort of doing it outweighed by the money that may eventually be awarded? will i have to pay it back when i get back to work?

i would rather just be back at work and am putting all the effort i have into getting better so i can go back asap.

i am suffering an injury rather than an illness so without any mishaps i do not expect to be off work for an indefinate time, my employers have said that they are happy to hold my job open for me as long as it takes and i just need to be able to get by until i can get back to work.

thanks in advance for any advice
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I can only say, the best thing to do is pop in early at the Drop In Centre at the C.A.B. they will help you with everything ... All the best and, keep your chin up.
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