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Carbon Monoxide detector issued by British Gas

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24-11-2009, 11:10   #1
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Has anyone in the past been issued with a detector by British Gas.
I paid 35 for mine in 2002 and was told by the installer it was a one off purchase and would be replaced every five years.
The batterys needed replacing in 2005 and was sent off and returned without a hitch. Today the power light is bleeping intermitently and I have rang them and they said the five year guarrentee has expired.
Er what happened to the life time guarrentee the bloke told me in 2002.
Apparently Honey the manufactor say British gas told a lot of people this and have you been told the same.
If you have then apparently British Gas are giving people duff information.
Its only 29 for a new one which is 6 cheaper than in 2002 and with a 6 year guarrentee so now I know this one has a warrenty up to 2015 I won't expect it to be replaced free.
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