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Do indoor cats need worming and defleeing as much as outdoor cats?

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17-11-2009, 15:22   #1
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i have got a 12 week old kitten that has been wormed fleed and has her last injection tomorrow, does she need defleeing and worming if she isnt going out?
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17-11-2009, 15:27   #2
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I do, but i dont worm my cat as often as i would do if they were outdoor cats. Also, my cat picked fleas up from the vets once, so they can still get them from anywhere.
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17-11-2009, 15:31   #3
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Yes they still need doing, people can bring in fleas on there clothes from other animals or just from outside so they need doing
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17-11-2009, 15:37   #4
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Kittens need worming on a regular basis (3 weekly ish) until they're about 6 months because it's normal to assume that all kittens are born with worms and the wormers that are used with little kittens emphasise on being gentle on little tummies, rather than being 100% effective. After that age, if they aren't going out, hunting or catching fleas then I would just worm yearly as a precaution.

However, if you're sure that the kitten doesn't have fleas, your house doesn't have any fleas and you have no other animals which could bring fleas in then I wouldn't cover them in flea treatment without evidence of fleas existing.

If you have other animals or have had other animals in your house recently (or have moved recently) then there could be flea eggs deep in your furnishings which can remain alive for months or even years, and that's a source of future infections, so keep checking regularly.
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18-11-2009, 09:30   #5
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I never used to worm or flea my housecat before we got our dog. I now flea her but I don't worm her. They get worms from catching prey and as she doesn't go out theres no chance of this happening.
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