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21-10-2008, 12:01   #1
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Could I suggest that all you people out there either currently delivering leaflets, may have delivered them in the past or thinking about it in the future, PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF WHAT I HAVE TO SAY !!!

There is something called the National Minimum Wage, currently approx 5-75 per hour.

You folks that accept 25 for delivering 1000 leaflets, well you really haven't given much thought to what you earn in relation to how long it takes to deliver that number of leaflets.

Having had years of experience in delivering leaflets, catalogues and magazines, to all types of property i.e. terraced housing with the letter boxes on the front door and plush housing, all with long drives and no means of hopping over the adjoining fence or hedge, I ought to know what I am talking about.

Even running between properties, a 1000 leaflets could take 7 hours and 7 hours x 5-75
works out at a good deal more than 25 !!

25 equates to just over 4 hours of work ! Can you deliver a 1000 leaflets in 4 hours ????

Make these folks pay a fair amount for delivery, whilst ever you are accepting 25 for delivering that amount, then they will let you and whats more take advantage of you.
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21-10-2008, 12:24   #2
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Don't forget that minimum wage only applies to workers over 22. Younger folk get a developmental rate. Also, if things go by the book you should be making sure PAYE is being paid by the employer too.
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21-10-2008, 12:32   #3
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the people that deliver them in my area, every morning guaranteed, do not speak a word of english, probably don't even know what the leaflet says, and from the look of this mornings guy seeing a police lady walking towards him, possibly are not allowed to live or work in this country. just a guess though x
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