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17-07-2013, 10:41   #1
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I have an unknown problem on my computer and need help to sort it.

Everytime I want to go onto Ebay I get a window appear which tells me I have a 'Malicious URL or Cookie detected.

I am scared to continue on Ebay as I don't someone else using my account.

I have Microsoft Essentuels security but this has not picked it up on a full scan and although the message window is from Spybot running a Spybot scan has not removed it.

Can anyone tell me how to sort it.

Help much appreciated. PopT
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17-07-2013, 13:22   #2
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Stop using ebay?

There's nothing on your computer to remove, per se.

When you visit ebay, your browser will also load externally hosted content (banner adverts etc). This will be what spybot detects. Either deny the connection, or use something such as a hosts file to block the connection in the first place.
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17-07-2013, 20:02   #3
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You could also try turning off third party cookies in your browser, and download the ghostery extension.
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