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Hiya, has any one got any experience with this? Or know the process from been accepted? Thank you x
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Ms Macbeth
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The lettings policy says:

If you are given priority the letter will explain what sort of properties you can
bid for with the priority and when the priority will be reviewed. It will also tell
you where to go to get help with making bids if you need assistance.

If you are unclear about what your priority means, it would be better to get in touch with the council/Sheffield Homes and ask them to explain exactly what you should be bidding on. For instance, if you have been awarded priority for mobility reasons, then you'd probably be expected to bid on the right type of property rather than the location. On the other hand, if your priority is because you need to give or receive help at home, then you'd be expected to look for properties within a specific area.

Each priority for medical, health or mobility reasons is different, so it would be impossible to guess how many suitable properties will become available. If you haven't found one after 13 weeks since your award, then your case will probably be assessed to establish the reasons. If nothing suitable has been advertised then your priority should be extended, however if suitable properties have been advertised and you haven't bid on them, bids may be made for you.
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