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09-08-2018, 08:32   #1
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Went up there last night as we often do to find it closed with a sign on the door saying something about a water leak?
Decided to call in top red lion instead and was told the old Harrow had been closed,anyone know what's happened?
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09-08-2018, 09:22   #2
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This is on face book, posted on 6th Aug

Due to having a water leak on the ceiling of the bar the pub will be closed today and tomorrow therefore the quiz is cancelled tonight sorry for the inconvenience
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18-08-2018, 18:27   #3
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Now closed down,sign outside asking for a new landlord.
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18-08-2018, 19:23   #4
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Originally Posted by ferretman View Post
Now closed down,sign outside asking for a new landlord.
Jezus Christ.....From a leak to a close down?...Awful...!
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22-09-2018, 00:42   #5
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Does anyone know why the Old Harrow is closed and boarded up?
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22-09-2018, 10:27   #6
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It’s up for lease on enterprise website.
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23-09-2018, 10:25   #7
Carbon copy
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Grenoside is such a nice area to go for a walk and a pub crawl, can't understand why local peeps don't use the pubs around them , such a shame.
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25-09-2018, 14:14   #8
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people use the harrow .just that the last landlord left when the ceiling fell inand the pub co would not pay for the repairs . rumour is that a new landlord is moving in this week .
cow and calf is still shut rumour was they had a bad audit no sign of new manager though.
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25-09-2018, 23:22   #9
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Shutters are down and the word is, the Harrow is reopening soon :-). Locals do support the village pubs - very few places can boast as many pubs as Grenoside has - up until The Cow and Harrow closing this summer we had 7 (including the club) in a very small area and hopefully these two will be both open again soon.
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