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09-01-2017, 10:54   #1
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Hi, were currently thinking about having our old Parkray fire which is connected to an unused back boiler removed for a nice 5KW multifuel stove. My question is around the air supply.
This is in our Kitchen and we currently have an extractor fan for the hob, we also have a dedicated open air vent in the wall (currently stuffed with loft insulation as we don't use the fire in there and the draught is terrible).
So, if what I read is correct, as the house is pre-2008 and the stove would be a 5KW you do not require the air vent at all. Great. However, there does come into play the extractor for the hob (which is hardly used!) apparently this changes the regs somewhat? Can anyone in the business explain exactly what were allowed to do. We've been looking at stoves with dedicated air supplies but this reduces our options.
Ideally I would want a stove without dedicated air supply, without the air vent. I assume I wouldnt be allowed this route?
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11-01-2017, 17:23   #2
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Are you asking about regs around solid fuel boilers? Does this HETAS link help at all?
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11-01-2017, 18:12   #3
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4.9 do not need a vent 5 and over does . any fires need carbon monoxide alarm . i use health and home kind regards jeff
Jeff smith Joiner 07861379796 or 01142203563 full refurbs/ loft conversions/ Doors/floors/ balustrades/ kitchens/ windows/ restoration to wooden windows/plastic windows all general joinery .free quotes given
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