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14-01-2018, 15:30   #8061
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Originally Posted by willman View Post
Roy Orbison and the Royal Philharmonic.
I've had this in my car for the last couple of days.
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14-01-2018, 16:14   #8062
*gets coat*
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loads of noisy poonk rock music while i do mi radio show, done the US hardcore section, anarcho punk section, now about to start the OI! section
Does your wife know what your up to mel when your in your own little world?
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14-01-2018, 16:18   #8063
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Alexa is playing Johnny Marr for me at the mo.
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14-01-2018, 16:58   #8064
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Nights on Broadway - The Bee Gees
I'm here for my ballet classes, and I must warn you, I look damn good in a tutu.
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